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The Afterglow Boutique

Semicolon Heart Bangle

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We’ve had a few versions of this over the years, but when I saw this one, I knew I needed it!! I lost one of my best friends to suicide in December of 2021, so this cause is close to my heart.

The semicolon (stamped here with a heart instead of a dot) is a symbol one uses when writing a sentence that isn’t finished yet. You use a semicolon instead of a period because your story isn’t over yet. In turn, the semicolon also references suicide awareness by showing that one’s story isn’t over yet. They still have so much to give and so much life to live. That although things can be difficult and there are many struggles to go through, the simple reminder of the semicolon on your wrist gives you the strength you need to persevere.

Hand stamped by one of my favorite women-owned businesses, stainless steel, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant!!

These are $20 each and $5 from each will be personally donated by me to Samaritans for suicide prevention (

ETA: 2 weeks